Trademark Services

Why to Use Trademark Services

Using trademark services to trademark and protect your intellectual property related to your business is an essential process for both an established and new starting company. A trademark is essentially a form of protection for a company related to either a word, phrase or symbol which is identified to the good and products of that company distinguishing them apart from any rival or copycat competitors. This is an important process for any business to get your unique brand protected by trademark services to help you build a long lasting and reliable relationship with your customers, providing high quality products and service.

Trademark Services

Trademark Services, Service Mark, Patent and Copyright

These trademark services can also be known and confused with service marks however it is important to understand tat a service mark marginally differs from a trademark. A service mark protects and identifies a source of service rather than goods or a product.

Copyright is another form of intellectual property protection like many trademark services, but this service gives you a different form of protection. A copyright protects original works of authorship from being used and exploited by other people or competitors. A copyright application can be submitted for many forms of original artistic works including poetry, literature, music, movies and many more.

Furthermore, we have the uses and differences between a patent and the other listed trademark services. A patent again gives the owner an alternate form of intellectual property protection related to the creation and originality of an invention. A patent will give the owner the exclusive rights and protection for an invention or technical solution. The patents protection prevents others and your competitors from commercially exploiting your idea or invention. This patent gives the owner the protection to ensure that invention cannot be commercially made, used, distributed, imported or sold by other without the patent owners permission and consent.